Biotech 101: The Science & Business of Biotech

When: May 17, 2019, 8:58 am - 4:30 pm
Where: MassBio/MassBioEd Offices, 300 Technology Square, 8th Floor, Cambridge, MA

New to the life sciences industry? Do you need to have a better understanding of the science and business models driving the industry?

Overview: New to the life sciences industry? Do you need to have a better understanding of the science and business models driving the industry? Biotech 101: The Science of Biotech & The Business of Biotech provides a thorough overview of the industry at a reduced cost. The program covers two full days of biotechnology information for non-science professionals who may be working or looking to work in the biopharmaceutical industry. Target Audience: Non-science professionals from all sectors of the biotech, pharma, and life sciences industries, including: sales, marketing, HR, legal, manufacturing, business development, finance, management, government relations, IT, safety, tech transfer offices Patient advocacy groups, disease foundations Policy makers, lobbyists, attorneys Venture capitalists, angel investors, banks, analysts, financial managers Insurance brokers, real estate professionals Consultants, public relations specialists, journalists University administrators, research institute support staff Environmental & Health & Safety Engineers Day 1 What is the science behind biotechnology? Explore the key concepts on which the industry is built through hands-on activities and simple lab techniques. This program is designed to provide non-science professionals with a better understanding of the molecular biology that drives the production of most biopharmaceutical products and to help them better understand the research activities in their organizations. In this course you will learn: How medicines made through biotechnology differ from other medicines, what DNA does, how the body makes proteins, how genetic engineering works, what personalized medicine is, and how proteins are made in the lab. Participants will perform agarose gel electrophoresis and protein purification. Day 2 The Business of Biotech explores the business considerations that drive company strategies. Gain a deeper understanding of how companies are funded, which government agencies regulate the sector and how different departments need to be aligned to be successful. This day provides an overview of how the industry works, why it works the way it does, and how the industry may change in the years ahead. For those considering careers in the biopharma space or transitioning from the science and technical aspects of the industry to the business side, this course delivers a sound, basic understanding of the “business of biotech”. Course content includes: From Discovery to Commercialization, Role of Non-profit Basic Research, Intellectual Property Considerations & Funding Sources, Organizational Characteristics, and The Ecosystem and the Future of Biopharma

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