Charles River World Congress: Delivering Therapies to the Clinic Faster

When: September 23, 2019
Where: Kimpton Marlowe, 25 Edwin H Blvd, Cambridge, MA

How can we accelerate drug development? Discover new approaches and join the discussion at the Charles River 3rd Annual World Congress: Delivering Therapies to the Clinic Faster, Sept. 23-24, Cambridg

Join us this year as we explore novel approaches to drug development that effectively reduce program timelines and accelerate delivery to the clinic. Using a variety of case studies, our speakers will illustrate methods that successfully cut time to market and highlight how artificial intelligence and genomics are expediting target discovery and drug development. In an agenda that includes presentations, panel discussions, and short technology demonstrations, you will learn how the latest science and regulatory strategies are helping us get drugs to patients faster than ever.

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