1st Microbiome Movement – Oncology Response Summit

When: July 22, 2019 - July 24, 2019
Where: Boston, MA, N/A


Join the inaugural Microbiome Movement – Oncology Response Summit, taking place this July in Boston. This first of its kind meeting has been established to improve your understanding on how to translate microbiome-oncology research from discovery settings and from retrospective clinical investigations into the routine oncology practice.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from the expertise of key opinion leaders from pre-clinical, translational and clinical scientists from large pharma, biotech and academia presenting the latest case studies and in-depth discussion on key topics including:
• Discover the mechanistic pathways underpinning the causality of the microbiome in cancer and consequential effects of cancer therapeutics on microbial dysbiosis
• Understand how –omics data are being integrating to inform cancer clinical decision making
• Investigate translational applications of the microbiome in cancer 1) to improve clinical safety outcomes, 2) as a validated biomarker to predict patient response and 3) as an LBP monotherapy or adjuvant to enhance therapeutic efficacy (particularly in the context of immunotherapy)
• Explore the nutritional interventions for cancer treatment and prevention
• Harness clinical experience to establish gold standards for cancer clinical trials incorporating the microbiome as a measurable endpoint
• Uncover how to integrate the microbiome into existing oncology medical practice and drug development infrastructures

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