MetroWest STEM Education Network Quarterly Meeting – Focus on Creativity

When: September 25, 2019, 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Where: Framingham State University – The Forum in the McCarthy Center, 100 State Street

The session will delve into creativity and what it means in practice, especially in the world of STEM or STEAM. The session provides examples of what educators can do now.

The agenda includes a presentation by Jane Reynolds, President of Fablevision Learning. Her presentation will delve into creativity and what it means in practice, especially in the world of STEM or STEAM. Jane Reynolds has had a unique career crossing over from business to education which provides her with a wider perspective on learning and the classroom. The MetroWest Life Sciences Network will introduce a new collaboration with MSEN on their Academic Initiative. Gary Kauffman, Managing Partner from ABI-LAB will provide a brief presentation on behalf of the MW Life Sciences Network. Jane’s presentation is titled, “Creativity in Crisis.” This subject is critical. We are in a world of flux, amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution. Up-to-date research highlights the decline of creativity, against the backdrop of global change that actually requires MORE creativity not less. Are we letting our students down by a system that is not constructed for the new paradigm? Are we providing the quality of education to match the requirements of businesses in Massachusetts? What can teachers do now? The session provides examples of what can be done now. Jane is currently President of FableVision Learning, a company founded by her brothers over 20 years ago. FableVision includes: a development Studio in Boston that creates cutting-edge game-based learning; FableVision Learning that provides creativity products and programs to the classroom; and The Reynolds Center for Teaching Learning and Creativity, a not-for-profit supporting outreach to underserved communities. Jane has also developed new creativity programs for FableVision based on the needs she has seen in the educational environment. Middle School CTE programs link students work/skills to relevancy in the real world. The recent launch of the Creativity Circle International provides a support network and community of practice for front line teachers attempting to implement creativity in within the constraints of the current educational framework. She has been the director/proprietor of a small independent school in England with students from age 5 to 19. She has deep knowledge of virtual education through her work with the Nisai Group, providing personalized learning through online teaching across the globe. The school has now been merged with the the Nisai Virtual Academy to develop a new model of learning, blending online with mixed age project based learning. Prior to enter the world of education, Jane oversaw multiple corporate change management projects covering operational effectiveness, project development and systems implementations across Europe and the US. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA in History from Brandeis University and a BA in History from Tufts University. She also attended the London School of Economics. Jane lives in England. Note: You need to pre-register to get a parking pass to park on the FSU Campus. The pass will be sent to you a few days prior to the event.

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