Accelerate 2019 Massachusetts Medical Devices Innovation Summit

When: November 19, 2019 - November 20, 2019, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Where: Dassault Systèmes, 185 Wyman St, Waltham, MA

Aventec, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes, presents a Medical Device Innovation Summit with the goal of ensuring compliance, quality, and innovation remain the central pillars of your success.

The New England area is one of biggest epicenters of innovation in medical devices (including active and passive implantable medical devices), digital health, and healthcare with some of the top research hospitals in the country which in 2018 secured thousands of NIH awards totalling some $ 2.89 billion according to a Grant Thornton report prepared for the trade group MassMEDIC.… and it’s growing. Massachusetts-based companies alone are making a huge difference with unique perspectives on solving problems are facilitating newer solutions for patients in therapeutics, diagnostics, implanted devices for relief and gathering patient data to monitor post-relief behavior. According to Grant Thornton, Massachusetts leads on PMA and 510(k) clerances when the numbers are adjusted for the size of the state GDP and nearly a quarter of Massachusetts’ exports invovle medical devices. Given the sharp rise in development of complex mechatronic medical devices, combination products, digital health devices, coupled with ever growing regulatory and quality constraints ensuring upon the delivery of safe effecausous products, the medical device industry is undergoing a digital colaborative transformation in an effort to accelerate the delivery of high quality, novel life saving medical products at lower costs. Aventec and Dassault Systèmes are collaborating to help companies streamline and improve their ability to go from concept to patient balancing innovative solutions, operational efficiencies, development and manufacturing costs, time to market and regulatory compliance throughout the total product lifecycle of medical devices. To ultimately improve patient safety and treatment efficacy, companies must build a collaborative work environment thereby prioritizing and improving relationships between Product Marketing, Engineering, Quality, Manufacturing, Supply-Chain, and Regulatory Bodies to get solutions to market faster with embedded quality ensuring upon patient safety at lower costs. Who should attend: • Startup founders and engineers trying to get their solutions ready for approval. • Contract manufacturers and suppliers specializing in the medical devices industry. • Equipment makers who have a history of successful products. • Product Managers with the high ambition of making cultural changes in their organization. • Engineers and technology enthusiasts curious about the future of MedTech. Why The goal of this event is to show attendees how they can streamline and accelerate the total product lifcycle development process from early upsteream ideation phase through design and development, V&V, transfer to manufacturing through manufacturing execution to commercialization resulting in shorter time to market with improved operational and cost efficiencies. When On November 19th & 20th over the course of both days we will cover demonstrations and roundtable discussions on: How the Design History File (DHF) and Device Master Record (DMR) can be compiled as-you-go to be prepared for audits and regulatory checks. How to accelerate the creation and submission of the dossier to the regulatory authority thereby accelerating the total regulatory review and approval / clearance process for PMA and 510(k) How personalization of healthcare and point-of-care needs is shaping the medical device industry. How CAD models can be leveraged early on to create and validate manufacturing production plans earlier in the device’s lifecycle. How modelling and simulation be used to accelerate design concepts, V&V and use as augmentation to clinical trials How employing a collaborative development environment with digitally connected solutions can help companies accelerate time to market and reduce cost to market How you as a company can capitalize on your team’s collective knowledge. If that’s not exciting enough, come enjoy exclusive guided tours in our Virtual Reality Cave detailing the Living Heart Project , transforming the patient experience with IASO transforming the patient experience with IASO and the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab . Sign up to request the full agenda Connect and network with industry specialists and experts as well as peers who can help you accelerate your vision to market safely, effectively, and be of the utmost significance to ailing patients worldwide.

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