ABI-LAB – Natick, MA

  • ABI-LAB is an affordable Boston Area-based Accelerator and Bio-Incubator whose mission is to support startup companies and to accelerate their drug discovery programs, through the availability of 65 lab spaces and innovative pre-clinical services. It combines state-of-the-art laboratory spaces with a comprehensive list of tenant amenities at an affordable rate.
  • Our current building is a 17,000 ft. building with 17 private lab suites. Each suite (approx. 350-500 ft.) includes a modern laboratory space, some offices, and shared equipment options.
  • The new facility is under construction and will open in December 2019. The structure is 68,000 sq. ft. consisting of four stories, two of which will contain a build-to-suit laboratories ranging from 800-8,000 sq. ft. The space will hold up to 47 companies, each with their own private labs.
  • We are always looking for new opportunities to provide support to emerging biotech companies by welcoming them into our family.
  • Please visit abi-lab.comfor more information.

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