How does a company request reimbursement from the MLSC?

Upon completion of the internship(s), companies must submit (electronic copies via email are OK) to MLSC the following:

  1. Reimbursement Summary Form (template provided by MLSC) that reflects all hours worked during the internship period and calculates the amount reimbursable.  This form will serve as the invoice and MUST be completed electronically and hand-signed by the intern and his/her supervisor.
  2. Proof of payment to the interns (e.g. copies of pay checks, pay stubs, earnings statements).
  3.  A recently signed and dated W-9 tax form.

The MLSC will mail a check to the company within 25 business days of receipt of all above-mentioned supporting documentation.

A more detailed description of reimbursement requirements can be found on the MLSC website and will be e-mailed directly to companies once they are approved.

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