What supporting documentation will the MLSC require in order to process reimbursement for all applicable costs?

Schools/organizations requesting reimbursement from the MLSC must provide the following:

1. Reimbursement Certification form (invoice template provided by MLSC) signed by an authorized representative that requests an accurate amount payable.

2. A summary of all vendor invoice amounts, totaling the amount requested for reimbursement.

3. Copy of all vendor invoices

4. Proof of payment made to vendors

5. School/organization’s W-9 tax form

If the grant recipient is requesting more than $100,000 (for equipment/supplies), the amount over $100,000 must be equal to or less than the amount matched by the industry sponsor. Grant recipients must provide proof of the industry sponsor’s cash match contribution (this can be a copy of the check(s) or documentation of a wire transfer). If the contribution is in the form of donated supplies or equipment, the market value of such donation must be demonstrated. If the contribution includes personnel time, this must be demonstrated with payroll documentation.

Purchases made from select vendors that MLSC is to pay directly will need to be certified by the grant recipient to validate accuracy and receipt of items billed (for each invoice period). 

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