Photos and Testimonials from Internship Challenge Participants

  • Cisbio US, Inc.

    “The Internship Challenge has given me a chance to gain valuable experience right out of school and will guide me to the right job someday.”

    – Joshua Condry, Emmanuel College

  • Safety Partners Inc.

    “It is very difficult for young students to find a business strategy role, especially within the biopharma industry. Many students, too, require a paid working opportunity, which is challenging for small companies to offer. The MLSC internship challenge enabled me to take on an ideal role as a Business Strategy intern with Safety Partners Inc, a local life sciences EHS consulting firm and a fantastic company to work for. This position enabled me to utilize and hone my knowledge of strategy and the biopharma industry in an exciting integrated role.”

    – Daniel Brog, Business Strategy Intern

    “Serving the dynamic and competitive life sciences industry in Massachusetts, Safety Partners recognizes the need to constantly scrutinize the market and our competitive position within it. Once again, this year, we chose to participate in MLSC’s internship program, and worked with an outstanding business strategy intern, Daniel Brog. Daniel lead a project to analyze issues and opportunities for Safety Partners as we continue to expand our relationships with biotechnology companies of all sizes and stages. Daniel’s findings and recommendations were thoughtful, insightful, and resulting in action.”

    – Chesley M. Chen, CEO, Safety Partners, Inc.

  • Microbiotix, Inc.

    “We had another great summer with interns. Both were bright, hard-working, and engaged in the work. One just sent us a syllabus for a fall class she has; she was excited to show us the class is covering almost everything she learned this summer! This is such a great program for both companies and students. Many thanks to the Mass Life Sciences Center for obtaining funding and organizing the program.” 

    – Kim Kapteyn, Administrative Assistant at Microbiotix, Inc.

  • Nexcelom Bioscience, LLC.

    “At Nexcelom, we greatly appreciate the collaboration we have with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.  This collaboration has allowed us to hire and support talented students and work with them to provide scientific working experiences and improve our scientific community. Because of this collaboration, we have been able to hire 5 R&D and Engineering interns in a period of 3 years. The students have supported project development in both R&D and Engineering departments at Nexcelom. In addition, six peer reviewed scientific publications and multiple conference posters have been presented from the projects with the students. We hope to continue our relationship with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and continue to provide support to the scientific community.”

    – Dr. Leo Chan, Technology R&D Manager at Nexcelom Bioscience LLC.

  • Sage Science, Inc.

    Sage Science
    Madeline Huleatt and Kristopher Amirault, 2013 MLSC interns.

    “My company was initially resistant to accepting interns out of concern that they would require too much time to train, would add little value, and would prove to be an expensive distraction from our core mission. The MLSC’s willingness to reimburse our company assumed the financial risk of engaging our first interns. We therefore brought in our first interns, mostly as a civic duty we felt we needed to honor. We expected to be giving, not receiving. We learned that all of our earlier assumptions were wrong. Not only do interns support the core mission of the company and add value, especially in our research labs, we love how they bring a youthful scintillation of intellectual curiosity and vibrancy to the company.  Our experience has been so positive that we have expanded our paid internship program far beyond the MLSC’s maximum per company. We have also hired, and continue to look forward to hiring, the best of our interns as they graduate and enter the biotech workforce. I will always be thankful to the MLSC and the internship program for opening our eyes to the potential of Massachusetts collegiate interns.”

    – Gary Paul Magnant, CEO of Sage Science, Inc.

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