Photos and Testimonials from Internship Challenge Participants

  •  CytonomeST

    068 071

    Intern JoAn Blake was inspired by the tragic passing of her daughter to return to school as an adult. She enrolled at Roxbury Community College and went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s degree from Regis College. She was selected for two consecutive internships with CytonomeST, a small Boston-based company developing cell detection and purification systems. The company has since hired JoAn as a Senior Compliance Specialist.

  • X-Chem, Inc.


    “The MLSC Internship Challenge is an amazing tool that assists both small companies and people looking to launch a career in the life science industry.  We at X-Chem have had six interns as a result of the program.  Two of these interns have been hired as full-time employees in the life science industry, one full-time by our company, and three have been retained by us on a part-time basis.  We are actively in touch with all of our interns and consider them part of our family.  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity which has greatly assisted us with our recent growth.”

    – Jeffrey Troderman, CFO of X-Chem, Inc.

  • Addgene, Inc.

    Addgene Interns
    Left: Emma Gottschall, 2012 MLSC intern now employed full time as a Lab Technician at Addgene, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. Right: Kory DelPrete, 2013 MLSC intern.

    “In 2012, a friend of mine received an internship through the Mass Life Sciences Center’s Internship Challenge. She knew I was having a hard time finding internships and told me to apply. I did, and by the next week I had accepted an internship at Addgene, a non-profit plasmid repository in Cambridge. As a Biochemistry/Molecular Biology major, I was able to make use of the lab skills I gained in college. I was an intern at Addgene from March through the beginning of January, when I was offered the opportunity to become a part-time Lab Technician. Now that I have graduated from BU I am employed full-time at Addgene. By participating in the MLSC Internship Challenge I found a great job at an amazing company… and it’s a nice perk that I am able to stay and work in Boston!”

    – Emma Gottschall, Lab Technician at Addgene, Inc.

  • BioScience Academy

    Left: Mark Damish, MLSC intern at WorldCare Clinical; Right: John Lugo-Toro, MLSC intern at STC Biologics.

    Students of the Boston University BioScience Academy (BSA) presented at its Internship Poster Presentation on May 3, 2013. BSA is a program that offers biotechnology laboratory skills training, twelve Boston University credits, tuition support, an internship, and a Certificate in Applied Biotechnology.

    Internship Challenge host companies STC Biologics, Inc. of Cambridge, and WorldCare Clinical, LLC. of Boston, each hired interns from BioScience Academy during the 2012-13 Program Year.

  • Imgen BioSciences

    Dr. Wendell Yang, President of Imgen BioSciences, with interns Shirley Hou and Abby He.

    “It was my great pleasure to supervise and work with each of the four interns at our company, Imgen BioSciences, through the MLSC-sponsored internship program over the past two years. I am very satisfied with the work that they conducted and much appreciative of this program and the mutual benefits that it offers to the company and the interns. I am also particularly glad with the training outcomes of the interns; two were each offered and accepted to full-time positions at the NIH and a private biotech company, and one moved on to pursue a Masters Degree during or immediately after the completion of their internship.”

    – Dr. Wendell Yang, President of Imgen BioSciences, Inc.

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