Photos and Testimonials from Internship Challenge Participants

  • Albright Technologies

    From left to right: Susan Windham-Bannister, President & CEO, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, (former intern) Phayhean Soo, Project Engineer, Albright Technologies; (former intern) Veasna Nhem, Project Engineer, Albright Technologies; Bob Waitt, VP of Business Development, Albright Technologies

    “We were fortunate to have two interns this past summer, [and one] has proven to be a great addition to our team and was recently promoted to a project engineer. All four of our engineers started as interns, two of them as part of the Internship Challenge. Their hard work and dedication contributed to a 30% growth in 2011.”

    – David Comeau, President, Albright Technologies

    From left to right: Phayhean Soo, Project Engineer, Albright Technologies; Diane Hewitt, Cooperative Education for Engineering & Technology, UMass Lowell; Susan Windham-Bannister, President & CEO, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center; David Comeau, President, Albright Technologies; John Henshaw, Assistant Dean, School of Business, Science, and Technology. Mount Wachusett Community College; Veasna Nhem, Project Engineer, Albright Technologies.
  • ECI Biotech

    ECI has hand-picked very talented individuals in biochemistry and engineering to work at our company this summer. The goal of hiring the interns is to provide them with relevant experience and to further prepare them as viable candidates for full-time employment at ECI or within the industry.”

    – Dr. Mitchell Sanders, CEO and Founder of ECI Biotech.

  • Ginkgo BioWorks

    Photo courtesy of Bay State Banner/Sandra Larson

    “The internship allowed me to work for Ginkgo BioWorks, a biotech start-up, during its infancy. At this early stage of development, scarce funds could have prevented them from hiring me. Working for them during this period gave me the chance to make significant contributions to several exciting projects and allowed me a great introduction to the challenges of founding a start-up. The experience has encouraged me to bring my life sciences background to the business sector.”

    – Matt Gethers, Internship Challenge participant and MIT graduate with a degree in biological engineering.

  • UMass Dartmouth ATMC

    Pictured: UMass Dartmouth Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center (ATMC) interns and staff.


    “This summer internship has been much more than I expected. Working at a biotech start-up has opened my eyes to the great potential there is in the Life Sciences industry right here in Massachusetts.”

    – Juan Betanzo, Babson College

  • VivoPath

    “The program has opened a great opportunity for us to offer interns some practical scientific experience while they make some significant contributions to our programs. I am very happy the program is achieving its goal to develop the Life Science resources of Massachusetts with these internship opportunities to our future scientists.”

    – Walter Lunsmann, Chief Operating Officer, VivoPath, LLC

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