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Safety, Quality, Informatics, and Leadership Program

Harvard Medical School offers Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership. This comprehensive program provides health care leaders with the tools to become global leaders in health care delivery.

Application Deadline is April 15th, Program Start date is May 13th In today’s complex health care environment, change is constant. Providers are challenged to deliver high-quality, high-value care that not only is safe and free from medical errors but also improves patient outcomes. At the same time, new technology continues to transform the way health care is delivered on almost a weekly basis, making it difficult to contain costs, improve clinical efficiency and achieve high impact leadership. To this end Harvard Medical School (HMS) offers Safety, Quality, Informatics and Leadership (SQIL). This comprehensive program delivers the tools you need to become a global leader in health care quality and safety delivery. SQIL is a one-year certificate program consisting of three in-person, 4-day workshops; dynamic live webinars and pre-recorded lectures; and team-based peer collaboration. This highly interactive program provides participants with direct access to the world’s leading authorities in safety, quality, clinical informatics and health leadership.


Harvard Medical School
4 Blackfan St, 4th floor
Boston, United States


Harvard Medical School