What criteria will be used to evaluate applications and who will conduct the reviews?

Applications that meet eligibility requirements will be reviewed by an external review panel comprised of scientific peers from academia and industry based on the following criteria:

Opportunity/Value Proposition

 Identification and significance of the problem

 Importance of the benefit(s) of solving the problem

 Feasibility of achieving market differentiation

Science/Technology/ Product/Service Plan and Regulatory Approvals


 Clarity and reasonableness of research endeavor and methodology

 Potential to succeed in addressing commercialization challenges

 Effectiveness of research institution/industry collaboration in developing and implementing a work plan that is likely to achieve the specific tasks and activities within the identified timeframes

 Efforts to secure intellectual property

 Reasonableness of plan and timeframe to acquire regulatory approvals

Team and Qualifications


 Identification of individuals or staff at the research institution and the industry sponsor who will be involved in pursuing the project’s objectives and working toward the final product or outcome

 Qualifications, experience and expertise of such individuals (principal investigator(s), post-docs, research personnel, etc.)

Work plan and Budget (including Match from Industry Sponsor)


 Clarity and identification of specific tasks, milestones, and timeframes associated with activities for which funding is sought

 Reasonableness of funding as it relates to such activities

 Funding requested relative to other applicants

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