Massachusetts is home to an ecosystem of world-class universities and academic research hospitals, providing a steady pipeline of talent for the local life sciences market to continue its robust growth. This state has the most prepared, well-educated talent pipeline in the nation. The agency’s programs invest in building a robust and diverse workforce pipeline.

  • Education Week rates Massachusetts first among all states for K-12 Achievement for 10 consecutive years
  • Massachusetts has the highest percentage of adults in the nation with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and the highest percentage with an advanced degree
  • Massachusetts leads the nation in STEM degrees conferred annually
  • 120-plus colleges and universities, with nearly 375,000 undergraduates and 136,000 graduate students in Massachusetts

The MLSC’s workforce programming helps prepare in preparing students for successful employment in the life sciences and enhance the talent pipeline for life sciences companies in Massachusetts.

College Internship Challenge

Companies with fewer than 100 employees can benefit from the largest and most successful state-sponsored college internship program, which reimburses the salaries of up to four interns each program year. The largest state-sponsored life sciences internship program in the United States. This also includes the newer effort of Project On-Ramp, a public-private partnership creating summer internships for first-generation and underrepresented college students.

High School Apprenticeship Challenge and Lab Training Program

Launched in 2016, this initiative, which includes a spring intensive lab-training program, has provided 220-plus high school summer internships at 63 life sciences companies and research institutions.

STEM Equipment and Professional Development Grants

Targeting economically disadvantaged or STEM underperforming districts, investing in STEM equipment, supplies, and teacher professional development in partnership with local public schools.