Innovation Acceleration Facilities

In addition to the many incubators across the state, Massachusetts offers several acceleration facilities, unique resources available to life sciences entrepreneurs to jumpstart their innovations.

Click the resources listed below to learn more about the many innovation acceleration facilities that are available in Massachusetts.

Innovation Acceleration Facilities

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center (ATMC)


  • Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Its goal is to provide advanced technology and manufacturing solutions, through industry and university partnerships, to meet current and future business needs
  • The space occupies 60,000 square feet with plans to construct two more facilities eventually occupying the entirety of the park’s 17 acre area
  • Please visit for more details

Biomanufacturing & Education Training Center (BETC)

 BETC Bio-manufacturing Gateway II 50 Prescott Adult Learners Corporate
  • Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, at Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s (WPI) Gateway Park
  • Funded in part by a grant from the MLSC, the BETC is a fully functional biomanufacturing pilot plant
  • Process areas include equipment preparation and sterilization; buffer and media preparation; fermentation and cell culture; protein capture; purification; and laboratory analytics
  • Please visit for more details

Emerging Technologies & Innovation Center (ETIC)

  • Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, at the University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Provides core facilities for use in fundamental and translational research
  • Houses cutting-edge programs in nanomedicine, nanomanufacturing, plastics and elastomers, clean-room technologies, biomaterials development and more
  • Please visit for more details

Eugene Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering


  • Located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)
  • Is an international center for research, education and training in biology,  biomedicine and environmental science
  • Home to a national resource for research on the frog, Xenopus, which possesses unique regenerative abilities and is a major animal model used in U.S. biomedical research
  • Please visit for more details

International Stem Cell Registry

  • Located in Worcester, Massachusetts, at the University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Mission is to provide a searchable, comprehensive database that includes published and validated unpublished information on all human embryonic (hESC) and induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cell lines
  • Registry will include cell lines from non-profit institutions, academic centers, research enterprises, stem cell banks and industry based in the United States and abroad
  • Please visit for more details



  • Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Kendall Square
  • Supports the creation of innovative startup biotechnology companies by providing a world-class environment for entrepreneurs, and a fully-functional life sciences laboratory
  • Shared biotech-capable lab will house up to 65 scientists, in 20 individual lab stations and 9 private lab suites
  • Please visit for more details

Massachusetts Accelerator for Biomanufacturing (MAB)


  • Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, at the University of Dartmouth’s SouthCoast Life Science & Technology Park
  • Provides companies with key capabilities for testing their biomanufacturing processes, training their current and future workforce and providing a unique research facility at “production scale”
  • Includes mammalian cell culture and purification capability up to 300L scale; microbial fermentation and purification capability up to 300L scale; both stainless steel and single use cell culture fermenters; flexible services including QA/environmental monitoring, full utilities (RO/DI water), clean steam gases, waste stream management, data collection, media and column prep and secure access; and quarantine and release storage areas
  • Please visit for more details

Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC)


  • Located in Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • Is a data center dedicated to supporting the growing research computing needs research institutions, including five of the most research-intensive universities in Massachusetts: Boston University (BU), Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts (UMass)
  • ~90, 000 square foot, 10 MegaWatt facility, with an additional 5MW available for other functions such as cooling and lighting
  • Please visit for more details

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