The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center has launched a portfolio of programs that are designed to fill gaps in the process of innovation, create jobs and support scientific research that holds the potential to improve the human condition.

Programs for Industry:

  • Accelerator Loan Program
  • Advanced Analytics/Data Science Internship Program
  • High School Apprenticeship Challenge
  • Internship Challenge
  • Massachusetts Next Generation Initiative (MassNextGen)
  • Massachusetts Transition and Growth Program (MassTAG)
  • Milestone Achievement Program (MAP)
  • Tax Incentive Program
  • Seed Fund

Programs for Academic and Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Bits to Bytes
  • Building Breakthroughs
  • Open Capital Program
  • Cooperative Research Matching Grant Program
  • High School Apprenticeship Challenge
  • Novel Therapeutics Delivery
  • STEM Equipment and Supplies Grant Program
  • Women’s Health Capital Program

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