The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s mission is to serve as the hub of the world’s life sciences ecosystem, encourage innovation through investments in good science and business, strengthen and protect Massachusetts’ global leadership position in the life sciences, accelerate the commercialization of promising treatments, therapies, and cures that will improve patient care, create jobs, drive economic development and STEM workforce development.

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#1 life sciences ecosystem in the world.

Massachusetts is home to the most verdant and productive life sciences ecosystem in the world. With industry, academia, and government working together, a burgeoning economy has flourished to develop the finest talent pipeline and a hotbed for great science, great inventions, and great leaders to propel the development of new therapies, devices, and scientific advancements that are improving patient health and well-being in Massachusetts and around the world.

in talent with the highest percentage of residents who hold undergraduate degrees.
of the top 20 biopharma companies.
of K-12 students in Massachusetts learn with equipment funded by MLSC.

Human Capital

Strengthening networked connections. Fortifying diversity of talent.

The MLSC’s prioritized commitment to talent development and a more diverse workforce is at the core of how we fulfill our mission. Our strategy starts at the youngest generation, sparking a passion for STEM by supplying middle school and high school level students with the equipment and trained professionals to compete with their peers. We capitalize on the abundance of small and medium life science companies by providing paid internship opportunities. We are also home to the highest density of leading academic research and medical institutions in the country.

Internship Challenge Business Model

The Internship Challenge was the perfect business model for Rachit Ohri Ph.D. to build his Enable Life Sciences team.

High School Apprenticeship

Funding intensive afterschool lab training in Boston/Cambridge, Brockton, and New Bedford, leads students to 100+ paid summer internships.

Championing Biotech in Brockton

The MLSC is grateful for the partnership and commitment experienced from the ground level up in Brockton.

Innovation Capital

Investing in infrastructure. Orienting for innovation.

The MLSC is committed to fortifying the innovation ready-infrastructure of the future by fostering robust life sciences development in women’s health, big data, and advanced manufacturing from an early-stage life science company to a world-renowned institution. Our researchers, entrepreneurs, and members of our life sciences ecosystem have access to cutting-edge laboratory equipment and analysis in every corner of the state.


A $5 million grant to fund a new resource for the industry and the local bio-economy with al life sciences laboratory focused on scale-up biomanufacturing comprising of nearly 100,000 square feet.

Baystate Medical Center

This capital project will expand the capacity to perform efficient clinical trials in Western Massachusetts and accelerate human testing of innovative digital health, biopharma, and medical devices.

Institute for Applied Life Sciences

A division of UMass Amherst, IALS focuses on state-of-the-art wearable devices, biomolecule delivery vehicle combinations, discovering novel disease-related cell pathways, drug-targets, and therapeutics.

Growth Capital

Fostering seed-stage companies. Scaling growing businesses.

Investments to fund and accelerate inventive concepts from early-stage companies is at the core of the Center’s overall portfolio strategy. For companies looking to scale their business or relocate to Massachusetts, the MLSC will make a concentrated effort to provide the strategic insights, tax incentives, grants, or loans to qualifying companies, creating a burgeoning economy and job market.


Abiomed, a Tax Incentive awardee, has grown from 350 employees to 1,300 worldwide in eleven years. The company has doubled its footprint from 60,000 to 120,000 square feet in Danvers.

The Data Challenger: Liz O’Day

MassNextGen awardee, Dr. O’Day, CEO of Olaris, and her team are changing the game in how life-threatening diseases are diagnosed by understanding the metabolomic profile of a patient.

Tax Incentive

The program is a catalyst for innovation and growth that creates new long-term jobs in the life sciences while stimulating research and development as well as manufacturing and commercialization.

Intellectual Capital

Cultivating emerging research. Steering emerging inventions.

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is deliberate with its offering of portfolio programs to evolve as the industry does and invest in the research and development, commercialization and manufacturing, people, and regions that need it most.

Women’s Health

A new initiative designed to improve the discovery, technical innovation, and analysis of datasets to answer pressing life science questions around women’s health and to recognize gender differences in research.

State-Of-The-Art Lyophilization Facility

UMass Lowell ‘s state-of-the-art lyophilization facility, or LyoBay, will help drive innovation and discovery in biopharmaceutical manufacturing in New England.

Catalyzing Biomanufacturing Innovation

As the development of new innovative therapeutic treatments continues, future products can benefit from biomanufacturing innovation to reduce costs and avoid drug shortages

News and Breakthroughs


The MLSC is continuing to monitor the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and remains committed to working closely with its regional and state partners to communicate and respond to available information regarding the outbreak. Stay informed about COVID-19 and MLSC operations.

Massachusetts Life Sciences SupplyHub

Nearly 400 companies have offered to donate supplies to Massachusetts’ health care institutions so they can continue to test and treat patients with COVID-19. Health care providers still need more lab, testing and diagnostics supplies, personal protection equipment (PPE), and medical and scientific expertise needed to combat COVID-19. Learn more about the SupplyHub.

MBI Worcester Expansion

MBI and the MLSC celebrated the construction kickoff for their new expansion within Worcester’s Gateway Park. The renovated facility will expand its business incubation operations, including 19 additional suites and supporting office space, plus the inclusion of a “Stage II” incubator to provide MBI the ability to create10 suites of around 1,000- 3,000 square feet for growing companies.