Workforce Development

Workforce Development in Massachusetts

Talent is our most valuable resource. With the best public education system in the country, the highest proportion of adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and more than 160,000 workers in the life sciences industry within the state, Massachusetts offers a unique ecosystem where the best minds work together to turn the best ideas into reality.


Pathmaker furthers the development and expansion of life science career training programs in Massachusetts that address critical skills and talent supply gaps facing the state’s life science industry. Such programs include those focused on biomanufacturing, medtech manufacturing, and other key careers in the life sciences ecosystem in Massachusetts. Training providers partner directly with companies to ensure that the program is responding to a direct hiring need and to foster greater collaboration between the life sciences industry and the workforce development pipeline.

Workforce Roadmap

Beyond Pathmaker-validated programs, Massachusetts is also home to many training programs offering similar training opportunities and producing graduates ready for roles companies are hiring for. Learn more about finding your talent here.


Investing in the next generation of life science professionals is at the core of our mission. Our internship programs enhance the talent pipeline for the Massachusetts life sciences industry by creating hundreds of new internship opportunities each year for high school students, college students and recent graduates interested in life sciences careers.

MassBio Career Center

MassBio’s Career Center allows members to post job openings for free and helps connect them with the best and brightest talent. It also provides a central database for all open positions in the industry, helping professionals of all levels find their next job opportunity. Simply create your account on the Career Center portal, and take advantage of all it has to offer. Non-members can post listings for a fee.

MassMedic Careers

MassMedic has more than 300 members representing manufacturers, product developers, suppliers, research institutions and academic health centers. MassMedic’s online job portal connects job seekers with potential employers by providing a centralized location for job postings and application submissions.


The state is making significant investments to expand opportunities for more residents to meet the current and future workforce needs in high-growth industries. MassTalent streamlines these resources to help residents find job training and employers find the skilled talent they need.

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