Meeting Announcements & Minutes


Secretary Matthew Gorzkowicz

Co-Chair, Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance

Secretary Yvonne Hao

Co-Chair, Secretary of the Executive Office of Economic Development

Stuart Abelson

CEO & Managing Partner, Ora Asset Development Group, Ora, Inc.

Gary Paul Kearney, M.D.

President, Longwood Urological Associates

Marty Meehan

President, University of Massachusetts

Pam Randhawa

CEO and Founder, Empiriko

Uciane Scarlett, Ph.D.

Principal, MPM

Board Designees

Julie Chen, Ph.D.

Chancellor, UMass Lowell (Board designee for President Marty Meehan)


Meet the dedicated staff committed to supporting the growth and development of the life sciences through innovative programming and initiatives.

Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors responsible for the financial health of the agency and its investment in life sciences economic and workforce development.

Advisory Committees

Meet the Biomanufacturing Advisory Panel, the MassNextGen Executive Coaches, the Data Science Review Panel, and the A.C.T.S. Advisory Panel.