Life in Massachusetts

A Commonwealth of Firsts

Massachusetts is a state of firsts. The first public school, park, and library. The first state constitution. The first shot of the American Revolution was here.

We remain the home of pioneers, of dreamers, of those who want to move further, faster. Locating to Massachusetts is an opportunity not just to experience the history we’ve made but continue to make through big and bold innovation and groundbreaking ideas.


The first public school in the United States opened in Massachusetts in 1635, and Massachusetts has continued to lead the nation, consistently earning top rankings in public elementary and secondary education. WalletHub recently named Massachusetts the best place for families in part due the excellent quality and availability of childcare and education.

Massachusetts Connects Industry to the World

Strong transportation infrastructure and multiple New England airports offer a wide variety of opportunities to connect to all major cities on the eastern seaboard and beyond. Global events such as the BIO Convention and MedTech Conference also often use Boston as a hub because of its connectivity and convenience.

Logan International Airport offers more than 1,200 flights daily to 75 domestic and international destinations. Boston also serves as a rail hub for New England and beyond.

Multiple Industries

The immense diversity of “knowledge economy” industries in Massachusetts also offers plentiful opportunities for partners, spouses, and other family members to pursue their interests and career goals outside of life sciences, including financial services, green energy & climate technology, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, computer science/AI, creative services, and more.

It's a culture

Beyond its culture of innovation and life sciences leadership, Massachusetts has a lot to offer, including history, cuisine, and outdoor activities. Not just centered in Boston, our Commonwealth has places for everyone to wander, cheer, and imagine. We believe that an innovation ecosystem must be matched by a Commonwealth that values culture as essential to the health and vitality of our society.

Massachusetts for us all

We have a history of leadership committed to bringing people together and making Massachusetts a place where every worker, business, and family can succeed. Massachusetts was the first state to have universal health care and first to recognize marriage equality. Massachusetts is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for all. Massachusetts also recently ranked No. 1 among the best states for women.

“To anyone considering where they want to live, raise a family, visit or build a business – we want you to join us here in Massachusetts.”

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