Life sciences companies can find the people, ideas, and resources they need here in Massachusetts, the world’s leading life sciences ecosystem.

Massachusetts has the infrastructure, the talent, and the resources to bring transformational discoveries in biotech, pharma, medical technology, devices and diagnostics from the lab bench to patients and every step in between. If you want it to happen, you have to be here. Companies launching, arriving, and expanding in our Commonwealth continue to discover that the life sciences is not a sector, but a culture here in Massachusetts.

#1 For A Reason

  • #1 in Industry investment in R&D per capita
  • Massachusetts university and research institutions receive more than $1 billion in NIH funding annually
  • 57 percent of NIH funding awarded to independent hospitals annually goes to Massachusetts research
  • The highest percentage of adults in the nation with a bachelor’s degree and the highest percentage with advanced degrees
  • Best K-12 schools and universities in the U.S.
  • Leads the nation in degrees conferred in STEM fields annually
  • 2nd highest economic impact on labor in the U.S. in the pharmabiotech industry-2012-2017
  • Graduates from biotech-related academic programs increased by more than 50 percent in the last decade, while Master’s degrees in the same fields increased by 100 percent
  • #1 in per capita venture investment in biotech and medical device companies
  • $4.1 Billion in venture capital invested in 2018
    Since the inception of the agency, 11,337 net new life sciences-related jobs in Massachusetts
  • More than a dozen biotech IPOs every year since 2014

New to Massachusetts

With a pipeline of engineering and data science talent graduating from world-class institutions, major public investments in innovation infrastructure and research, and a world-leading life sciences workforce, companies locating to Massachusetts will be at the center of the next generation of development in advanced biomanufacturing of novel therapeutics, data science, and medical technology, relocation incentives, site selection services, and local assistance.

Expanding in Massachusetts

With hundreds of established innovation assets in the region, a core strength of Massachusetts’  ecosystem is the rich network of collaborations among academia, industry, and state government. Massachusetts is the place to be to scale your company and to find the partnerships and capital to do it. Massachusetts is home to the most dynamic and robust life sciences industry presence in the world. Read more about what we offer, including: innovation infrastructure, targeted capital programs, and tax incentives for job creation.

Support for Entrepreneurs

A foundational focus for the Center has been designing targeted investments in early-stage companies in order to feed the life sciences innovation and start-up economy in the Commonwealth. Entrepreneurs in Massachusetts have historically been able to leverage an environment that promotes excellence in innovative solutions in the life sciences, bridges the funding gaps associated with the long-life sciences R&D cycle, lessens the high cost of translating research into commercially viable products, and assist early-stage companies’ goals to advance its product to commercialization. Read more about our programs for early-stage and women-led companies.


Massachusetts has the most prepared talent pipeline in the nation. Our range of programs invests in building a robust and diverse workforce pipeline.

Companies with fewer than 100 employees can benefit from the largest and most successful state-sponsored college internship program, which reimburses the salaries of up to four interns each program year.

R&D Infrastructure

The next generation of therapies and medical technology will require new paradigms in process design and manufacturing to go from the lab bench to the clinic, to patients. Massachusetts is leading the way in addressing these challenges, which will require collaboration between R&D, academia, service providers, and clinicians, a talented, diverse workforce ready to tackle big questions, and support from the government to build the infrastructure of the future.

Quality of Life

Massachusetts: It’s all here!

Massachusetts is a great place to live and work.  We celebrate quality of life assets that make Massachusetts so distinctive: our history, heritage and culture; our diverse population of locals and new immigrants; our rich resources and natural beauty; our location and proximity to land, sea and air routes; our spirit of inventiveness; our vision.

  • Vibrant communities in urban, suburban, and rural areas
  • Culture of ideas, innovation, entrepreneurship and industry
  • Rich history and heritage
  • World-class health care, the best hospitals in the nation; excellent public safety and emergency response teams
  • Outstanding education system from early education to post-graduate
  • Plentiful cultural, recreational, sports and entertainment activities
  • Rich natural resources and beauty from the mountains to the seaside