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Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known for its world-class colleges and universities, as well as its top-flight hospitals and research institutions. Leveraging these resources, the MLSC’s investments in all aspects of the innovation pipeline have strengthened the connections between academia and industry, bringing world-changing research and talent beyond the lab and into commercialization and scalability.

Startup Space & Support Like No Other Ecosystem

Massachusetts is home to a vibrant ecosystem of incubators and accelerators that provide valuable resources and support to startup companies while providing unique services to foster their growth. Entrepreneurs can explore these resources to access mentorship, funding, and collaborative working environments to help them grow and succeed.

The MLSC alone has invested more than $62 million to increase the footprint and output of incubators across Massachusetts. The Commonwealth is also home to a number of unique real estate and private incubator models that are helping early-stage companies thrive.

Notable Incubators and Accelerators include:

A Statewide Incubator

Every MLSC investment, particularly those towards equipment and research infrastructure, has helped make Massachusetts into a singular, accessible incubator for the entire state the magnitude of which continues to grow. MLSC-funded equipment or assets must be made accessible and shared by academic and industry scientists alike, offering a huge resource to the innovative startup community and growing research organizations in Massachusetts.

The Center offers two searchable databases, the Research Equipment Database (R.E.D.), and the Database, Algorithms, Tools, and Analyses (D.A.T.A.) Repository for companies, research institutions, and all other key stakeholders of Massachusetts to search, find, and engage with our various partners across the Commonwealth to further leverage and access MLSC-funded equipment and digital assets.

Helping Entrepreneurs Scale the Valley of Death

From internships to non-dilutive funding and accessing critical research equipment, Massachusetts remains the best place for the entrepreneurial community to thrive.

Moreover, the venture capital (VC) community in Massachusetts is one of the most robust in the world, particularly on supporting innovation in the life sciences. According to the MassBio’s 2023 Biopharma Funding and Pipeline Report, Massachusetts-headquartered companies received $7.67 billion in venture capital funding in 2023, 31 percent of all national VC investments behind only California, and 38 local companies were acquired for a total of $13.04 billion.
$ 10.1 M

invested over the last 15 years.


early-stage life science companies supported.

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of those companies are still operational.

$ 0 B+

raised by early-stage companies invested in by the MLSC.

Early-stage opportunities

A day doesn’t go by in Massachusetts without an early-stage founder having the opportunity to find a partner or funding opportunity. From LabCentral Golden Tickets to the M2D2 $200K Challenge to MassBio’s Partnering Events and Pharma Days, the convening and collaborative spirit of our ecosystem remains the envy of the world. We are the number one state per capita in venture funding, SBIR and STTR award funding, and in National Institutes for Health (NIH) grants. Moreover, we have a number of organizations who want to be a force multiplier to our early-stage enterprises.

Massachusetts Next Generation (MassNextGen) Initiative supports a life sciences ecosystem that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable for all members of this industry. Awardees of the program will receive a year-long customized package of support, which includes non-dilutive grant funding and access to a network of seasoned professionals from the life sciences ecosystem helping them to refine their business strategies and effectively raise capital. In addition, awardees will highlight their company to sponsors, awardees, and representatives of venture capital firms at the end of the program year in a “pitch” event.

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) selected Greater Boston to host its Investor Catalyst Hub, which will facilitate novel research findings and future-forward ideas to advance commercialization, affordability, and revolutionary breakthroughs to achieve improved health outcomes for all Americans. The Investor Catalyst Hub aims to scale health research and venture investment ecosystem capabilities, disrupt traditional care models, create new delivery pathways, and help performers bring game-changing solutions to market to solve big problems in health.

MassChallenge is a nonprofit that connects startups, experts, corporations, and communities to grow and transform businesses and economies. The unique equity-free model allows them to accelerate high-impact startups with bold, disruptive ideas from non-traditional backgrounds.

MassBio Drive is an accelerator program designed to advance breakthrough science while providing opportunities to innovators from all parts of the life sciences ecosystem.

LabCentral Ignite is a first-and-only-of-its-kind platform that’s addressing systemic racial, gender and other underrepresentation in talent across the life sciences and the biotech industry – from labs to leadership, and from the STEM student pipeline to the entrepreneurs advancing life-changing innovations.

The Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) is a lifeline for the state’s smaller medical device companies, offering inventors and executives easy, affordable, and coordinated access to world-class researchers and resources at the Lowell and Worcester campuses of the University of Massachusetts.

MassVentures is a venture studio at its core with an emphasis on academic spinouts and building diverse teams that convert research and early-stage ideas into companies serving underserved areas in the Commonwealth. By providing not only financial resources but also strategic direction, operational support, and access to a network of experts, MassVentures provides portfolio companies a greater chance of success.

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