The MLSC believes that investment in various kinds of infrastructure—from core facilities, to incubator space, to repositories of scientific data—is required to create and sustain the attributes that make Massachusetts attractive as a global life sciences hub. Since its inception, the Center has provided capital grants for state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure that support the life sciences ecosystem in Massachusetts.

Program applicants are required to demonstrate that any MLSC-funded equipment or assets be made accessible and shared by academic and industry scientists alike. To that end, the Center has made available a searchable database, the Research Equipment Database (R.E.D.), for companies, research institutions, and all other key stakeholders of Massachusetts to search, find, and engage with our various partners across the Commonwealth to further leverage and access MLSC-funded equipment. To access our database for shared MLSC-funded data resources across the Commonwealth, meet D.A.T.A. (Databases, Algorithms, Tools, and Analyses) Repository.

The current list, which the MLSC team continues to update with previous and new assets, is broken into several sections including the name of the institution that houses the equipment, the type of equipment, its manufacturer, where the host institution is located, and relevant contact information. Interested stakeholders should engage directly with the host institutions to utilize specific equipment/facilities through any existing access/voucher programs.

Use the table below to find the contact information of shared MLSC-funded equipment resources across the Commonwealth. Use the ‘Filter’ option on the top left corner of the table to filter search results based on: manufacturer, category, institution and/or city. You can also do a custom word search using the icon on the top right corner of the table.

For any questions, updates, or concerns on the MLSC RED, please contact