With hundreds of established innovation assets in the region, a core strength of Massachusetts’ innovation ecosystem is the rich network of collaborations among academia, industry, and state government. Massachusetts is the place to be to scale your company and to find the partnerships and capital to do it. Massachusetts is home to the most dynamic and robust life sciences industry presence in the world.

Community Assets to Support Translational R&D

The MLSC has worked collaboratively to fund and catalyze a broad network of core facilities, assets, and scientific infrastructure that may be utilized by the scientific community to accelerate breakthrough discoveries and translational research and development.

Competitive Capital Programs

Novel Therapeutics Delivery – Encouraging the development of improved manufacturing, devices, and delivery methods of existing or innovative therapies

Bits to Bytes – Encouraging the use of high throughput, systems-based approaches to generate large datasets and novel predictive algorithms to answer important scientific questions

Women’s Health – investing in novel public-private partnerships that address the treatment of conditions which disproportionately or differently affect women and girls

National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL)

A five-year, $20M commitment to public-private partnerships in biopharmaceutical manufacturing innovation, one of the most significant hurdles to the commercialization of new drugs and modalities

Job Creation Incentives

Incentives for companies growing to scale or moving to Massachusetts, this program represents more than $221 million of investment with the goal of creating approximately 11,000 new jobs across the Commonwealth.

Support for manufacturing

Next generation manufacturers in Massachusetts will benefit from proximity to research and development hubs, academia, and supply chain partners, all tightly knit within our Commonwealth.

Investments through the agency’s tax incentive program have already supported the development of more than 2.5 million square feet of GMP space throughout the state and contributed to a 12 percent growth in biopharma manufacturing in the last 10 years. Capital projects in the coming years will enhance workforce development and tackle process challenges in the next generation of manufacturing.