With a pipeline of engineering and data science talent graduating from world-class institutions, major public investments in innovation infrastructure and research, and a world-leading life sciences workforce, companies locating to Massachusetts will be at the center of the next generation of development in advanced biomanufacturing of novel therapeutics, data science, and medical technology, relocation incentives, site selection services, and local assistance.

The MLSC is your partner to establish operations in the Commonwealth, the world’s leading ecosystem for life sciences innovation and growth. Our team will work with you to connect with local government and other municipal partners on the ground to aid in your arrival to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Transition and Growth Program (MassTag)

Critical objectives for this program are job creation, scientific advancement that will benefit patients and further growth of the Massachusetts life sciences ecosystem. Awards will be given in grant form to companies that have an intention to hire or locate at least 10 employees in Massachusetts during the company’s initial 12 months operating in the Commonwealth.

Industry, Workforce, & Government Agencies

The density and vibrancy of Massachusetts’ life science ecosystem is supported by a number of industry focused-organizations. Plus, Massachusetts invests more than $114 million annually to support the innovation and small business sectors through a variety of state and quasi-governmental entities.