The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s mission is to serve as the “hub” of the Massachusetts life sciences ecosystem. As the leader and convener for the life sciences, we assist in providing an array of information and resources that will enable you to find the best talent, leverage more capital, connect you with industry partners, and catalyze your research or company to the next level.

Industry, Workforce, & Government Agencies

The density and vibrancy of Massachusetts’ life science industry clusters is supported by a number of industry-focused organizations.  Plus, Massachusetts invests more than $114 million annually to support the innovation and small business sectors through a variety of state and quasi-governmental entities.

Incubators, Accelerators, & Co-Working Spaces

More than 12 million square feet of commercial lab space has been added in Massachusetts in the last decade. Throughout the state there is ample flexible lab and office space available to accelerate your company’s path to commercialization.

Audits & Annual Reports

Discover how the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center continues to grow and evolve with the life sciences industry to remain the leading life sciences ecosystem in the world.