What are the eligibility requirements for companies to participate in the program?

Companies will be required to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be located in Massachusetts and internships must take place in Massachusetts. Companies are required to be registered to do business in Massachusetts and must submit to MLSC Certificates of Good Standing from both the MA Department of Revenue and the MA Secretary of the Commonwealth (click on links to request). Companies will also need to provide MLSC with a signed copy of their Form W-9.
  2. Must be small businesses (100 or fewer employees in MA; 250 or fewer worldwide). Larger companies, subsidiaries of larger companies, and research institutions are welcome to participate in the program; however their internships would not be subsidized.
  3. Must be life sciences companies or companies that provide services to the life sciences industry. “Life sciences” is defined as: “advanced and applied sciences that expand the understanding of human physiology and have the potential to lead to medical advances or therapeutic applications,” – Massachusetts General Laws (MGL), chapter 23I, section 2.
  4. Must offer interns a hands-on learning experience and at least one mentor that directly oversees the internship.


Multiple companies that are “Related Parties” (having any person or entity directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by or under common control) can participate, however will be limited to the funding available for ONE company. If your company is related to another company registered for this program, please notify us immediately.

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