Project Onramp

Project Onramp is ready to break down barriers and speed our students to success—while helping our member companies build our statewide labor pool, boost diversity, and prevent possible labor shortages.

Project Onramp is a new program that matches talented, first-generation students and students from low-income backgrounds, with well-paid summer internships. The four leading life science organizations—MassBio, MassBioEd, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, and Life Science Cares—are joining forces to connect passionate, high-achieving four-year college students with well-paid internships of up to 12 weeks, starting summer 2019. Across the state, leading companies will collectively be reserving a minimum of 50 internship slots for our new Life Sciences Scholars Program. Students must be already enrolled with Bottom Line in order to qualify this pilot year.

How Students Will Benefit

The internships are intended to serve as a stepping-stone to a rewarding career for a talent pool that has typically had difficulty gaining access to the burgeoning life science industry. It will also help the growing Massachusetts biotechnology companies fill the 12,000 positions estimated to be created by 2023. Qualifying students may also be eligible for state assistance to help pay for transportation, parking and other necessities. Student interns gain valuable skills through hands-on learning opportunities in these internships.

How Your Company Can Get Involved

We’ll work with you as you to create or commit internship slots specifically for our carefully curated pool of talented students. In addition to science and lab positions, we are looking for internships on the business side of your organization, including such areas as business administration, human resources, marketing and communications. Eligible companies of 100 employees or fewer may be able to apply for reimbursement through the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

Get involved and be a part of our winning team!

Learn more about how your company can help break down barriers and create opportunities for students to move towards successful careers in life sciences. Check out the Project Onramp website or contact Lila Neel at or (401) 935-9639.

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