The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center’s mission is to serve as the hub of the world’s life sciences ecosystem, encourage innovation through investments in good science and business, strengthen and protect Massachusetts’ global leadership position in the life sciences, accelerate the commercialization of promising treatments, therapies, and cures that will improve patient care, create jobs, drive economic development and STEM workforce development.

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#1 life sciences ecosystem in the world.

Massachusetts is home to the most verdant and productive life sciences ecosystem in the world. With industry, academia, and government working together, a burgeoning economy has flourished to develop the finest talent pipeline and a hotbed for great science, great inventions, and great leaders to propel the development of new therapies, devices, and scientific advancements that are improving patient health and well-being in Massachusetts and around the world.

in talent with the highest percentage of residents who hold undergraduate degrees.
of the top 20 biopharma companies.
of K-12 students in Massachusetts learn with equipment funded by MLSC.

Human Capital

Strengthening networked connections. Fortifying diversity of talent.

The MLSC’s prioritized commitment to talent development and a more diverse workforce is at the core of how we fulfill our mission. Our strategy starts at the youngest generation, sparking a passion for STEM by supplying middle school and high school level students with the equipment and trained professionals to compete with their peers. We capitalize on the abundance of small and medium life science companies by providing paid internship opportunities. We are also home to the highest density of leading academic research and medical institutions in the country.

High School Students Intern at UMass Dartmouth

Through the MLSC’s High School Apprenticeship Challenge, 19 New Bedford High School students participated in an after-school biotechnology lab-training program. Students engaged in research allowing them to apply their lab skills in a real-world setting, learning about mammalian cell culture, recombinant DNA technology, and more.

Supporting Underrepresented Groups in the Life Sciences

The MLSC is bullish on our commitment that the next generation has the resources, education, and training to cultivate a talent pipeline that is unmatched by any other life sciences ecosystem. The Center is proud to support the MassBioEd’s Life Sciences Apprenticeship program with a $50,000 grant.

Investing in our Future Workforce

The MLSC has awarded $21.5 million to more than 240 high schools and middle schools throughout MA, which includes more than $20 million for equipment and supplies and nearly $1.2 million for teacher professional development.

Innovation Capital

Investing in infrastructure. Orienting for innovation.

The MLSC is committed to fortifying the innovation ready-infrastructure of the future by fostering robust life sciences development in women’s health, big data, and advanced manufacturing from an early-stage life science company to a world-renowned institution. Our researchers, entrepreneurs, and members of our life sciences ecosystem have access to cutting-edge laboratory equipment and analysis in every corner of the state.

Transforming Biomedical Research in Massachusetts

UMass Chan Medical School received $2.8 million from the MLSC for the purchase of an advanced Glacios cryo-electron microscope from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Since its establishment in 2015, the UMass Cryo-EM Core has supported data collection for approximately 30 companies and 100 academic labs.

WPI CERES: Driving Innovation Through Industry and Academia Collaboration

MLSC capital awards supported the purchase of key equipment to create a modular core facility focused on high throughput cell analytics, providing startups access to resources needed to bring cell-based products to market.

A Vision Being Realized in Amherst

IALS is the MLSC’s largest capital project, a $95 million investment. In 2020, an additional $2 million in capital grants was awarded to support four of UMass Amherst campus’ Core Facilities managed by IALS. To date, IALS has engaged approximately 300 industry partners.

Growth Capital

Fostering seed-stage companies. Scaling growing businesses.

Investments to fund and accelerate inventive concepts from early-stage companies is at the core of the Center’s overall portfolio strategy. For companies looking to scale their business or relocate to Massachusetts, the MLSC will make a concentrated effort to provide the strategic insights, tax incentives, grants, or loans to qualifying companies, creating a burgeoning economy and job market.

Creating New, Long-Term Jobs Across Massachusetts

In June 2021, the MLSC announced $19.5 million in tax incentive awards to 28 life sciences companies of which 19 companies – accounting for 68 percent of the new jobs – are expanding outside of Greater Boston.

All the Pieces to the Puzzle

In Massachusetts, we take pride in the cross-industry collaboration that continues to break barriers in what we can accomplish together, as a team. Just this year, we saw academic institutions foster partnerships with industry leaders to create Landmark Bio in Watertown.

New Program Supporting the Angel Investor Community

The MLSC launched the first round of the Angel Investor Tax Credit program in July 2020. Leveraging approximately $450,000 of Center investment, 39 angel investors made $4.3 million in investment to 19 Massachusetts companies.

Intellectual Capital

Cultivating emerging research. Steering emerging inventions.

Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is deliberate with its offering of portfolio programs to evolve as the industry does and invest in the research and development, commercialization and manufacturing, people, and regions that need it most.

Building a Diverse Ecosystem with Equal Representation

Now with 21 companies in its portfolio, MassNextGen continues toward its goal of shifting the paradigm to build a diverse ecosystem with equal representation

Life Sciences Center Taking Lead on Women’s Health Initiative

With three women’s health programs, the MLSC aims to support and incentivize translational project teams who are developing novel solutions in this area of need. This past fiscal year, these programs awarded $5.3 million to 15 projects.

Supporting the Merrimack Valley Life Sciences Cluster

In April 2021, the MLSC announced a $750,000 investment supporting three Lowell-based companies. Decoy Therapeutics, EnVision Endoscopy, and Haystack Diagnostics will receive a $250,000 investment in the form of a convertible note.

News and Breakthroughs

Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report

The MLSC is elated to share the fiscal year 2021 Annual Report to showcase the impact of the Center’s instrumental work and what our partners in industry, academia, and government have accomplished. This year in particular, was the definition of collaboration. It reminded us that there are no limits to what we can achieve when our ecosystem comes together.

No Treatment Left Behind: Reboot Rx Aiming to Save Lives with Overlooked Generic Drugs and AI Technology

Reboot Rx is utilizing AI-driven technology and generic drugs to take on the drug development system for the benefit of patients. The non-profit organization is among the 2021 awardees of MassNextGen, a competitive program to support women entrepreneurs in early-stage life sciences companies.

MLSC Launches 2021-2022 Capital Programming Round

The MLSC is excited to announce that it is accepting applications for this year’s capital programs: Bits to Bytes, Novel Therapeutics Delivery, Women’s Health, and Research Infrastructure.