The future of life sciences will usher in new research and development, discoveries, and opportunities to improve human health. Massachusetts is poised to remain the global beacon for that bright future.

At Mass Life we have a saying, “In Massachusetts, the life sciences is not just a sector, it is a culture.” To build that culture, it takes more than a village—it takes an ecosystem comprised of government, academic, and industry stakeholders working together. This cross-sector leadership will remain integral to continuing the important scientific and economic development being achieved here in the Commonwealth.

There are many factors that have contributed to our leadership post in the life sciences, but one that is essential is that we, as a Commonwealth, do not shy away from the tough questions and challenges facing the industry.  As we act in the present and move forward in the future of Mass Life programming and partnerships, our ethos remains one of a commitment to regionalization and equity, with an aim toward:

  • Investing in human capital for current and future workforce needs
  • Providing companies with investment capital, infrastructure, and community supports to grow
  • Developing new scientific innovations that deliver higher outcomes, lower cost therapies to patients
  • Leading the convergence revolution in digital health, biopharma, medical devices and engineering