Here in Massachusetts, we share constitutions and covenants that transcend centuries. We are forever joined by the ideals of those industrious, ingenious few who first sought our shores. United in their conviction that there was more of life to be found and made in fellowship with a commitment to the commonwealth, it is here that have seen revolutions and age-defining breakthroughs.

We have seen the best, brightest, and bravest find their places here. Find their people here. Find their purposes fulfilled here. Together, with our partners, we are—in the Massachusetts Way—making revolution our perpetual state of being. Defining our place, people, and purpose as the capital of scientific revolution.

Human Capital

The most valuable capital is human: ours, and that of those with whom we partner. Investing in the next generation of life science professionals is at the core of how we fulfill our mission, with a strategic eye toward readying our workforce for the jobs that the life sciences continues to bring to Massachusetts.

Growth Capital

As the capital of the knowledge economy, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is committed to building from the density, proximity, and diversity of its resources. Through concentrated investment, the Center provides capital, access, and recognition to ensure a diversity of entrepreneurs within the sector and support a thriving environment of early-stage companies, fostering a cycle of partnerships, acquisitions, and talent recruitment.

Innovation Capital

Day in and day out, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is capitalizing great science, great inventions, and great innovation that extend across the entire life sciences value chain. Programs, partnerships, and various public-private endeavors have translated into significant strategic investments that have enabled anchor institutions across the Commonwealth to advance new scientific capacities to keep Massachusetts at the cutting-edge of life sciences advances and capabilities.

Intellectual Capital

With a unique focus on economic and workforce development paired with scientific advancement, the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center is well-positioned to act as a partner in catalyzing continuous breakthroughs and the environment that makes them possible. With this embedded into its organizational DNA, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center has an eye toward the future for a sector that is continually shifting with the emergence of new therapies and technology that is changing health care delivery, patient care, and our collective potential to improve human health.