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Strategic Approaches To Developing And Commercializing Companion Diagnostics

Out of concern for the health of the entire MassBio community, this event has been cancelled.

Join us to learn more about the journey of developing a companion diagnostic from discovery through commercialization.

Precision medicine is an emerging method that factors in an individual’s molecular profile, environment, and lifestyle in order to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases more effectively. It’s about considering individual differences in the course of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Patients can be classified into subgroups based on how susceptible they are to certain diseases, how those diseases will develop, or how they’ll respond to particular treatments. This information can then be used to predict what the most effective course of action will be. Companion Diagnostics are tools employed to identify those patients who are most likely to benefit from a particular therapeutic product, highlight those at increased risk for serious side effects, and monitor treatment response. But what about those tasked with bringing precision medicine tests and treatments to the market? What are they doing, what challenges do they face, and how are they working with stakeholders within the wider healthcare ecosystem? We’ll follow the journey of developing a companion diagnostic from discovery through commercialization and answer those questions in this informative forum. Please come prepared with your questions. Sponsored by the Medtech/Digital Health working group. Thanks to Foundation Medicine for hosting our forum at their Cambridge office. Please be sure to bring ID to enter the building.



150 Second Street
Cambridge, MA


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