October 21, 2021

How Quincy College is training the future biotech workforce

Quincy College, a two-year school just south of Boston, has for 11 years now partnered with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center on a biotechnology and compliance program to educate and train workers for entry-level biotech jobs, a booming industry in demand for labor.

The MLSC has directed about $1.4 million in grant funding to the college over the years to support labs and improve the program. At least 200 students, who finish with a certificate after one year or an associate’s degree after two years, have landed jobs as biomanufacturing technicians. These jobs pay an average of $40,000 to $50,000 with life sciences companies including Sanofi and Thermo Fisher, the college said. The college’s biotech certificate program costs about $9,000. Quincy’s total student enrollment last fall was 3,154.