July 19, 2022

More lab space: French pharma Servier is growing its cancer business in Seaport

The French drug company Servier is doubling down on its presence in Boston with a new research lab and an expanded US headquarters in the Seaport District. The expansion is part of the company’s plans to become an oncology powerhouse in Boston and grow its business in the United States.

When the firm opened its US headquarters in Boston in 2019, it had about 100 employees across the country and expected to double its workforce in five years. Servier has nearly quadrupled to 385 employees in the United States, with roughly 170 between its lab and office in Boston.

Servier was an industry partner in a Bits to Bytes Award made in 2019. This program aims to provide grants for scientific projects that generate and analyze large datasets to answer pressing life science questions, and to attract and train data scientists in the Commonwealth.