November 16, 2020

Myomo Introduces MyoGames™

Myomo, Inc., a wearable medical robotics company offering increased functionality for individuals suffering from neurological disorders and upper-limb paralysis, recently announced the availability of MyoGames by Lusio, a video game platform designed to augment training and rehabilitation for MyoPro users, while being fun. MyoGames enables users to play video games by actively engaging their paralyzed or weakened arm or hand with the MyoPro. The first game, basketball, is available immediately with other titles to follow.

Myomo received MLSC funding in 2011 through the Center’s Accelerator Loan program. Accelerator loans bridge the gap in a company’s capital-raising lifecycle, providing the company with time and resources to advance to a point at which it would become a good candidate for private investment. Applicants were early-stage life sciences companies with a high potential for technology commercialization, rapid growth, and private equity financing. In 2018, Myomo celebrated a repayment totaling more than $1.3 million, nearly doubling their initial loan from the MLSC of $750,000.