January 21, 2021

Northway Biotech sets up shop in Boston hub, looking to court more customers with biologics-focused plant

Northway Biotech (formerly Northway Biotechpharma) on Wednesday held a virtual grand opening ceremony for its $40 million Waltham, MA facility — a 30,000 square-foot cGMP manufacturing and process development plant that will widely expand on the company’s previous capabilities.

Citing a desire to get its feet into the Boston-area hub, Northway set up its new plant to focus on cell-line development, drug substance manufacturing, aseptic filling and end-to-end services for both microbial and mammalian biologics.

Northway Biotech received $150,000 in funding through the MLSC Massachusetts Transition and Growth Program provided they create 10 new jobs in the first 12 months of operation and increase their headcount to 35 full time employees by the end of 2022.