June 22, 2021

Takeda Unveils Newly Renovated Building at 500 Kendall Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Solidifying Presence in Fast-Growing Biopharmaceutical Community

Takeda recently completed renovation of our 500 Kendall Street building in Cambridge, MA. The building will now serve as a centerpiece in Takeda’s interconnected network of buildings across our three main campuses in Massachusetts – urban campuses in Kendall Square and Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a suburban campus in Lexington, Massachusetts – and will provide best-in-class facilities, services and amenities for Takeda employees.

Takeda is a sponsor of the MLSC’s Massachusetts Next Generation Initiative (MassNextGen) program that helps fortify the ability of women-led companies to leverage additional sources of capital and support to bring cutting edge innovation to the marketplace. Takeda was also a 2016 Tax Incentive awardee that provides incentives to companies, of all sizes, looking to expand their efforts by creating new, long-term jobs in Massachusetts.