August 11, 2023

‘Why Medtech’ Highlights a Bright Future for Medical Device Manufacturing

The Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC), the largest regional medical device association in the United States, is asking a simple question: why medtech? And why choose it as a career option?

In its “Why Medtech” campaign, which was launched in 2022, MassMEDIC is working to build awareness of the industry by telling positive stories from people who have been impacted by medical devices or why they choose to work in the field. Additionally, the project will include an industry job search tool and curated economic and academic development resources.

To help move the campaign forward, the association is working with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) to build a one-stop shop that connects the medtech community in the state, including connecting job searchers with open medtech roles, and removing barriers for medtech companies to uncover state incentives when trying to start or grow their business.