STEM Equipment and Professional Development Grants

The STEM Equipment and Supplies Grant Program enables the purchase of equipment and supplies for high schools and middle schools in the Commonwealth in order to train students in life sciences technology and research, as well as addresses a funding gap in capital dollars for public and not-for-profit workforce training and educational institutions. The program also seeks to increase student achievement and student interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), as well as support the implementation of state STEM standards.

The program also offers funding for teacher professional development to ensure that all recipient schools have teachers that are trained to use the equipment and have access to relevant curricula that deploys the equipment in labs and activities that support learning goals throughout the academic year.

Program Background

To date, the program has awarded over $16.5 million to 170 high schools, middle schools, and organizations throughout Massachusetts. The program has thus far leveraged more than $1 million in cash and in-kind matching funds from industry partners, some of which included Amgen, Dynisco Instruments, EMD Serono, GE, Life Technologies, MassBio, Merck, Shire Human Genetic Therapies, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

State HSMS Maps 2017

In 2011, the first round of the program, the MLSC awarded grants to 18 high schools and a grant to the MassBioEd Foundation, which supported 11 high schools. Awards for this round totaled over $1,890,893.

In 2012, the MLSC awarded grants to 32 applicants totaling $3,228,203. Grant recipients included vocational technical high schools and public high schools in “Gateway Cities”, as well as two workforce training programs supporting 16 high schools.

In 2013, the MLSC awarded grants to 35 applicants totaling $3,272,861. Grant recipients included vocational technical high schools, public high schools in “Gateway Cities”, and two workforce training programs supporting 17 additional high schools.

In 2014, the MLSC awarded grants to 44 applicants totaling $3,774,535. Grant recipients  included 40 high schools, 29 middle schools, and one maker space.

In 2016. the MLSC awarded grants to 49 applicants totaling $4 million for equipment and supplies, as well as nearly $400,000 for teacher professional development. Grant recipients  included 44 high schools, 36 middle schools.


“Mass Life Science Grants gave our students the opportunity to use state of the art equipment while exploring new fields (biotechnology and lab science) that they may have never considered prior. Science and biotechnology are now areas that students at New Bedford High School are considering for careers. Employers in these high-demand fields prefer to hire students, like ours, who are experienced in laboratory techniques. Since the remodel last spring, our biotech enrollment has tripled, enrollment in AP sciences are on the rise, and our students are excited about learning laboratory methods. Thank You Mass Life Science!”

Diana Cost M.Ed., Master Teacher Fellow Science Instructional Leader, New Bedford High School

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