February 29, 2016

Ras Labs, LLC

Ras Labs, LLC

“The Internship Challenge gave me a wonderful experience working for a small business in a niche area of research. My internship with Ras Labs gave me a great hands-on experience to develop valuable skills for my future career. I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the scientists at Ras Labs, while also working independently to make a difference in their product development. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience, and I am thankful have been hired by Ras Labs at the conclusion of the program.”

– Simone Rodriguez

“As a participant in the MLSC Internship Challenge, Ras Labs was able to secure key product development support prior to our ability to hire additional members to the team. Ras Labs had the opportunity to work with a highly skilled and dedicated scientist over the course of the summer, and was given the time to make it possible to hire her at the conclusion of the internship. The Internship Challenge gives young scientists and startups the opportunity to evaluate working relationships that may not otherwise be possible. I would highly recommend this program.”

– Eric Sandberg, CEO of Ras Labs