Photos and Testimonials from Internship Challenge Participants

  • Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI)

    “The Internship Challenge is one of the best programs to support workforce development and early stage life and health sciences companies. At the Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI) in Worcester, our companies utilize the program to train students in the field with the hope of hiring them after graduation. The win-win program provides early stage companies with needed operating capital and students with direct work experience.”

    – Jon Weaver, Chief Operating Officer, MBI (2018)

    Since the program’s inception, a total of 28 current and former MBI companies have together hosted nearly 180 interns.

    Enable Life Sciences, an MBI company offering customized Innovation Management and R&D Project Management services, has hosted six interns through the program since 2016.

    Rachit Ohri (left), Enable Life Sciences Founder and CEO, with his interns Shilan Dong (center) and Jason Cahoon (right). Shilan is now a full time employee with the company.

  • OpenClinica LLC

    “My company, OpenClinica, has been part of the Internship Challenge for several years now. I wanted to let you know about the success we and our interns have had with the program, and say thank you. We provide technology solutions for clinical researchers, and while some of our interns have a life science or medical background, most have previously focused on IT & technology. We’re often providing them with their first introduction to the regulatory, scientific, and business dimensions of working in the life sciences. Since we’ve been a part of the Internship Challenge program, we have been able to support 17 internships – significantly more than would have been possible without it. Of those 17 interns, 6 are now full-time members of our team, and half of them have been here for over 3 years. I know that several of those who didn’t stay with OpenClinica are now building successful careers in the life sciences field as well. Thank you MLSC!”

    – Cal Collins, CEO, OpenClinica LLC. (2017)

  • CreaGen Biosciences

    “If it were not for the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, I would not be able to say that as a college junior I was fortunate enough to work with PhD chemists to synthesize cancer-fighting molecules. The incredible company which I was able to work with through the help of MLSC, CreaGen Biosciences, gave me more experience in the industry of medicinal chemistry than I could have asked for and for much higher pay than I could have asked for. This organization is so important in bringing to light the relevance of careers in chemistry, biology, and other sciences starting early with engaging internships that provide valuable exposure to the field.”

    Rachael Duffy, Framingham State University

  • X-Chem, Inc.

    “Through the Internship Challenge, I had the honor of interning at X-Chem, Inc. where I was working in the field that was of most interest to me. I learned a lot about different things ranging from simple organic chemistry to the process of drug discovery and the business side of it. I had lots of conversations with people from different departments which allowed me to learn new things about working in the industry and built my professional communication skills. I am grateful to everyone at X-Chem, and most importantly to the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center for allowing students to apply to many companies through one simple application and for funding the internships.”

    – Catherine S., Framingham State University

  • SeqLL, LLC.

    seqll intern 2“The MLSC has given me the opportunity to intern with SeqLL, a biotechnology company that focuses its research on single molecule sequencing, specifically looking to detect changes in RNA and DNA. As a chemistry major at Holy Cross, this internship has provided me with an amazing chance to use my science background to explore the industry and fully experience all the facets of a biotech company. I am exposed to and take part in the SeqLL team’s research that allows the company to grow, and I am also able to see first-hand how a business works to overcome challenges. Even as an intern, I am fully immersed in many different aspects of  the business and the industry as a whole, and I am extremely grateful to MLSC for facilitating this incredible learning experience.”

    – Maureen Connolly, College of the Holy Cross 

    MALSI“My internship at SeqLL has granted me the opportunity to establish proper lab technique as well as savvy business skills. Interning at SeqLL has opened my eyes to the wide array of careers available in the biotech field. Working alongside biologists and engineers in the lab enabled me to enhance my analytical and critical thinking skills. When I was not in the lab, I was able to work with marketing and management. They graciously brought me along to trade shows and scientific conventions which was instrumental in strengthening my business skills. I am thankful for the Internship Challenge as well as SeqLL for awarding me this experience.”

    – Maeve McQuade, College of the Holy Cross 

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