September 6, 2013

Capital Program Solicitation Modified as of Sept. 6, 2013

Former awardees and public higher education colleges and universities that have already received MLSC or state capital dollars are now eligible to apply to this round’s Capital Program. Phase I application deadline is still October 2, 2013.

The MLSC is modifying its Solicitation to enable former awardees of MLSC or other state capital funds to apply to this round’s Capital Program regardless of whether they (1) were designated for capital funding within the MLSC’s authorizing statute; (2) have received $1 million or more in prior MLSC rounds; or (3) have already received state capital dollars for life sciences projects. Projects will continue to be assessed based on their merits and contribution to the state’s life sciences ecosystem. In the event that two projects are comparable, preference would be given to applicants that have not received MLSC capital funding.