Interns must demonstrate through their applications that they are proficient in advanced analytics skills and technologies based on their work experience and/or academic training. Applicants will need to indicate if they have proficiency in data science skills/tools such as the following: application software packages and libraries, database software, programming languages, and techniques such as data visualization, deep learning, machine learning, and statistical programming. Applicants that do not have such qualifications will not be eligible. They are instead encouraged to apply for a general life sciences internship through the MLSC’s Internship Challenge.

Interns are eligible for only one Data Science Internship and will not be eligible to work for a company for which they have previously had two subsidized internships (including through the Internship Challenge). Please note that post-docs cannot intern in a lab at a research institution for which they have previously worked and that students pursuing degrees are ineligible to work in the department in which they are pursuing their degrees.

Through this program, the MLSC also seeks to increase access to internships for those traditionally underrepresented in the data science field, particularly those identifying as women, Black, Indigenous, and/or Latinx. Such candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

The MLSC will reimburse host organizations for pay rates of up to $20 per hour for interns pursuing or having completed their Bachelor’s degree or possessing comparable data science qualifications, for a maximum reimbursement of $20,800. Interns who have completed their Master’s degree or are doctoral candidates can have wages reimbursed up to $25 per hour for a maximum reimbursement of $26,000. Interns who completed their Ph.D. are paid up to $40 per hour for a maximum reimbursement of $41,600. If interns have not completed their degree, host companies would be reimbursed at the rate just below the level of completion. For example, an intern who has not completed their Master’s degree would be eligible for the $20 rate.


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