Takeda is the first private partner to kick off this program by providing $250,000 to match the MLSC $250,000 over a five year period. Takeda has demonstrated a clear dedication to strengthening the Massachusetts life sciences industry by supporting women-led companies and having as many talented and smart people at the table as possible.

In May, 2018 King Street Properties joined the MassNextGen initiative with a sponsorship of $125,000. King Street Properties is a local real estate developer in the life sciences and supports early state companies throughout the Greater Boston area.

Shortly before the launch of the second round, Sanofi Genzyme joined the initiative as the third corporate sponsor, matching Takeda’s initial investment of $250,000. Sanofi has demonstrated commitment to diversity in their work environment and been included on the Forbes Best Employers for Diversity List.

We are now accepting additional sponsors that are committed to making change in the life sciences ecosystem through supporting women-led life sciences companies. Sponsors will have an opportunity to participate in MassNextGen through judging, coaching, and other potential partnerships.

If you are interested in sponsoring the MassNextGen Initiative, please reach out to Jennifer Griffin, Vice President of Industry Programs & Relations at JGriffin@masslifesciences.com.