Awardees are required to submit the following information to the MLSC:

Progress Report will be submitted by all Awardees by the due date listed in the Grant Agreement. This report should describe progress made using the grant, business, and executive coaching from MassNextGen.

Post Project Reports will be submitted by all Awardees on the first five anniversaries of submitting the Progress Report and should describe the progress of the Awardee towards commercialization and the impact of the MassNextGen Award on such progress.

Templates will be provided to awardees upon execution of the Grant Agreement.


MLSC is subject to the requirements concerning disclosure of public records under the Massachusetts Public Records Act, M.G.L. c. 66 (Public Records Act), which governs the retention, disposition and archiving of public records, such as written materials, financial statements, statistical tabulations and other documentary materials or data.  As a result, applicants should be aware that any information submitted to MLSC is subject to public disclosure as set forth in the Public Records Act.

There are, however, exceptions.  “Public records” do not, for example, include documents containing trade secrets, such as commercial or financial information regarding the operation of any business conducted by a company or other institution or regarding the competitive position of a company or other institution in a particular field.  In the event that an applicant wishes to submit certain documents to MLSC and believes such a document or documents may be proprietary in nature, the applicant should identify such materials in its application as Confidential.  MLSC’s General Counsel is the sole authority within MLSC for making determinations on the applicability and/or assertion of an exemption to the Public Records Act.  All documents submitted by the applicant, whether designated as “Confidential Information” or not, are not returnable.

General Conditions

Contractual Requirements
The MLSC intends to enter into an Agreement with the Awardees containing certain standard provisions. The MLSC reserves the right to amend the Agreement without further issuance of another solicitation. Please be advised that this standard Agreement must be executed in substantially the form provided and the terms and conditions therein are non-negotiable.

Waiver Authority
The MLSC reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to waive minor irregularities in submittal requirements, to request modifications of the application, to accept or reject any or all applications received, and/or to cancel all or part of this solicitation at any time prior to awards.

This solicitation does not commit the MLSC to award any funds, pay any costs incurred in preparing an application, or procure or contract for services or supplies. The MLSC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications received, negotiate with all qualified Applicants, cancel or modify the solicitation in part or in its entirety, or change the application guidelines, when it is in its best interests. An application does not constitute an award.

Amendments to Solicitation
This solicitation has been distributed electronically using the MLSC’s website. It is the responsibility of Applicants to check the MLSC’s website for any addenda or modifications to the Solicitation to which they intend to respond. The MLSC, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and its subdivisions accept no liability and will provide no accommodation to Applicants who submit an application based on an out-of-date solicitation document.