March 29, 2020

This biotech startup is out to change how drugs are prescribed

Kudos to MassNextGen Entrepreneur Elizabeth “Liz” O’Day, Ph.D. who was featured with her team at Olaris Therapeutics in Forbes.

Liz founded Olaris Therapeutics in 2014 with an aim to change the game in how we diagnose and treat patients with life threatening diseases. Through innovative technology and customized algorithms, Liz and her team can understand the metabolomic profile of a patient to determine the most effective treatment option. The fundamental goal or mantra for Olaris is “getting the right drug to the right patient” according to Liz.

Liz is one of the inaugural awardees of the MLSC’s Massachusetts Next Generation Initiative (MassNextGen), which aims to ensure greater gender parity in the next generation of life science entrepreneurs.