Dr. Isso Bayala is motivating the future life sciences workforce

In recognition of Black History Month, the MLSC is highlighting a prominent advocate and educator in the life sciences, Dr. Isso Bayala. Dr. Bayala is the professor of Biotechnology and Good Manufacturing Practice at Quincy College. His experience working in several different entry-level positions in the biopharmaceutical industry provides the perfect foundation to shape his courses using the hands-on skills he learned.

Representation in the life sciences is vital, especially for those unable to see themselves in the industry. The MLSC and its partners such as Quincy College are working determinedly to ensure everyone sees that the life sciences has a place for them.

Dr. Bayala emphasized that you do not need a background in science to succeed in his program. A willingness to learn and a curiosity of the industry are all the requirements needed. Dr. Bayala’s own personal story and career gives his students from diverse backgrounds entering his lab the motivation to believe they belong in this space and can have a career in the life sciences.

“Black History Month is a time for black people to focus on their future which they can shape through education and skills learning.” Dr. Bayala’s journey to get to where he is today was not easy. With education from around the world, and experience with working in numerous entry-level technician positions, he has become a role model for those around him.

A black leader that Dr. Bayala admires is Nelson Mandela, because “he showed that coexistence is possible, and revenge is only emotions, not a solution.”

The MLSC has been a contributing factor to the success of Quincy College’s biotech program. Since inception, the MLSC has deployed more than $2.6 million in workforce development capital grants to Quincy College to support its Biotechnology and Good Manufacturing Practice program. Most recently, Quincy College received a Pathmaker award of $750,000 to support an eight-week training program in biomanufacturing and medtech/advanced manufacturing. The MLSC’s Pathmaker program provides support for organizations that can build and scale career pathways that effectively prepare Massachusetts residents for high-demand career opportunities in the life sciences.

The MLSC Workforce Development Capital Grant program is accepting applications through March 29, 2024. Learn more about the latest round.

Pathmaker is accepting applications on a rolling basis. Click here to learn more.