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The program is accepting applications and will be reviewed, evaluated, and approved on a rolling basis.

What is Pathmaker?

The MLSC launched Pathmaker to further the development and expansion of life science career training programs. Pathmaker will award up to $750,000 per project in direct funding to support organizations that can build and scale career pathways that effectively prepare students for high-demand career opportunities in the life sciences. Alternatively, training providers can seek the Pathmaker validation without applying for funding, provided that their existing program(s) meet the minimum Core Competency Checklist.

Eligibility and Evaluation

Through this program, the MLSC is particularly seeking to seed, enhance and/or expand training programs that address critical skills and talent supply gaps facing the state’s life science industry.

Applicants must use funds to implement workforce development programs that lead to careers in the life sciences industry. Funding must be requested to support training that prepares students with skills needed for life sciences careers. Programs must have a focus on skills training for high-demand occupations within the life sciences manufacturing sector (biomanufacturing and medtech / advanced manufacturing). If there are other skills related to careers in regulatory affairs, data science, clinical research support, lab support, facilities management, quality control and quality assurance, they will be reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis. 

The “life sciences” are defined in the MLSC’s enabling legislation as “advanced and applied sciences that expand the understanding of human physiology and have the potential to lead to medical advances or therapeutic applications.”

Applicants must be a Massachusetts legally organized:

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Evaluation Process


*Please note: the MLSC reserves the right to consider the applicant’s past performance in operating grants administered by both the Center and/or the Commonwealth and factor this performance into funding decisions. Applicants must be in compliance with the terms of any current grants and/or post-grant reporting obligations. All applicants will be notified of their award status by email. In addition to the scoring system outlined, the Center reserves the right to only consider submissions that, in our sole judgment, are complete and responsive to the solicitation’s requirements and include all required application components. Additionally, the Center reserves the right to consider other criteria in making awards.

**Applicants must show signed letter of support from at least one industry partner that attests to the relevance of the planned program; partnerships may include providing curriculum design, advisory board participation, equipment donations, mentoring, job shadowing, guest speakers, and/or funding support; applicants may partner with new or existing industry collaborators to fulfill this requirement

Funded Programs

Allowable Costs

The MLSC reserves the right to adjust the requested amount of funding for each proposal. Following execution of the Grant Agreement, funds will be provided via electronic fund transfer (EFT)–60% of total funding will be available immediately upon execution, with the remaining 40% available on a reimbursement basis after all necessary receipts (for 100% of expended funds) and reports have been received and upon verification of those costs.

Amount requested from the MLSC by a single institution/organization cannot exceed $750,000. Applications submitted by multiple entities collaborating on a proposal can request additional funds (costs must be identified separately). Budget must include an itemized list of equipment, materials, supplies, and/or technology with the estimated cost for each item. If applicable, budget must separate FY24 and FY25 expenses. The MLSC reserves the right to adjust the requested amount.

Through this solicitation, grants are to be awarded for Fiscal Year 2024 (end June 30, 2024), with the option to also request funding through June 30, 2025 as necessary. Spending for any awardee must begin in Fiscal Year 2024 (July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024).

Grant funds shall be used for activities including, but not limited to:

Activities that are NOT eligible for funding include, but are not limited to:

Request Pathmaker Validation

One of the goals of Pathmaker is to serve as a stamp of approval on specific training programs that meet the most up-to-date industry criteria, thereby sending a strong signal to prospective career seekers. Pathmaker-certified programs will reflect the best-of-the-best in educational, vocational, and industry preparation. Beyond applying for funding, training organizations can request to be validated if they are interested in partnering with the MLSC’s Pathmaker program as a training provider to help further the state’s life sciences workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to do for Pathmaker validation?
  • Fill out this simple form to express interest in free Pathmaker validation and schedule a visit with the MLSC team.
  • Adherence to Pathmaker Core Competencies is a critical component of the validation process. Existing programs will need to demonstrate effective instruction in their respective curricula. Learn more here.
  • The MLSC has a thorough but efficient review process. Following a visit, organizations will receive a decision on Pathmaker validation within 10 business days. 
  • Promotion partnership: The MLSC team will be ready and willing to support marketing and recruitment for your training cohorts as you deem necessary.

  • Career awareness resources: The MLSC and its partners understand the critical need to grow the broader pool of talent in the life sciences for our Commonwealth. Pathmaker-validated programs will have access to tools and resources to share with relevant stakeholders and prospective trainees to generate interest in life sciences careers.

  • Industry visibility: A central goal of Pathmaker is to send a strong signal to life sciences employers of the opportunity to engage Pathmaker-validated institutions for their talent needs. Your organization will receive visible recognition with key industry leaders and be presented to employers as a partner providing industry-aligned instruction.

Yes, please do. You can use this online form to submit a request that your existing program be evaluated for Pathmaker validation. Existing programs can be successfully validated even if they are outside of the 8–10 week and 80 –120 hour guidelines required for Pathmaker funding.

While we would prefer the applicant use the duration guidelines, each program will be evaluated on an individual basis. The intent of the program is to support short introductory programs.

Yes, and the signatory should be someone with decision making authority over training partnerships and hiring needs, e.g. CEO, VP of HR, Director of Operations, etc.

How to Apply

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