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The MLSC’s Pathmaker program will award up to $750,000 per project in direct funding to support organizations that can build and scale career pathways that effectively prepare students for high-demand career opportunities in the life sciences. Applicants must have at least one industry partnership that ensures that the program responds to a direct hiring need.  

As companies find the next innovation to transform patient lives, the MLSC and its partners are committed to ensuring our industry can find the talent needed to move their missions forward. 

Industry partners play an essential role in: 

  • Training program and curriculum design 
  • Interviewing and assessing graduates who participate in Pathmaker-validated programs  
  • Providing follow-on data on hiring/retention of graduates 

Pathmaker, a key component of the Healey-Driscoll Administration’s MassTalent initiative,  has already seeded several short (8-10 weeks) training programs based on shared core competencies to prepare Massachusetts residents for careers in the industry by providing them with hands-on training in essential technical skills.

Explore these programs, many of which are graduating cohorts looking for career opportunities. 

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Pathmaker's Impact

Beyond Pathmaker-validated programs, Massachusetts is also home to many training programs offering similar training opportunities and producing graduates ready for roles companies are hiring for. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MLSC select training programs to fund?

The MLSC is interested in supporting applicants that will further its goal of developing a skilled workforce suitable for employment in the life sciences, particularly in high-demand occupations. Pathmaker applicants must have at least one industry partnership to ensure the program responds to a direct hiring need. Successful proposals will explain how the requested funds will create learning opportunities that align with the needs of the life sciences industry.  

Grant funds shall be used for activities including, but not limited to, staff time, marketing and outreach, curriculum support, equipment and training delivery costs, training stipends, and training barrier reduction efforts (e.g., transportation, daycare subsidies). 

Pathmaker aims to amplify and scale successful training models to address the most pressing workforce needs and create a sustainable structure that can adapt to future needs, ensuring Massachusetts remains the best place in the world for the life sciences. We also know companies share our vision for a stronger and more diverse workforce, so the MLSC will prioritize investing in programs serving underrepresented populations. 

Training providers are eager for industry collaboration and are committed not only to excellent training on technical skills, but also professional skills including interviewing, timeliness, teamwork, and communication.

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